Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a replica Gatling gun from Anderson Guncraft?

Over the years Anderson Guncraft has established a reputation for the finest quality replica Gatling guns available. Our guns are second to none in terms of functionality, fit, finish and historical accuracy. We do not use "brass" as a material in our guns. The original guns were manufactured using bronze and we do the same. All of the bronze castings used in our guns are cast in our own foundry (see the video on the Videos page). We offer five different models of the Gatling in the original calibers. We go the extra mile to ensure that the replica Gatling you buy from us is the highest quality that can be bought.

How do I buy a replica Gatling gun from Anderson Guncraft?

Because we currently offer five different models of the Gatling gun, we work on an order list that is first come-first served. We require a non-refundable partial payment of 10% at the time of placing the order. Please call or email us and tell us what model you want and mail us a check for the partial payment. When your gun is completed and ready to ship, the balance and shipping cost is due. The gun and tripod are crated in three wooden shipping crates and shipped truck freight to your dealer.

What guarantee comes with an Anderson Guncraft replica Gatling gun?

The guarantee is for one year to the original purchaser and covers materials and workmanship.

Is a Gatling gun a machine gun?

No. Gatling guns, and replicas thereof, produced under, or in accordance with, the patents of 1862-1893 are not automatic firearms or machine guns as that term is defined in 26 U.S.C. 5845(b) because it is not a weapon that fires automatically. The original Gatling gun is a rapid-firing, hand-operated weapon. The rate of fire is regulated by the rapidity of the hand-cranking movement and manually controlled by the operator. No special permits or tax stamps are required to own a Gatling gun and they can be transferred through a licensed FFL dealer.

How do I clean my Anderson Guncraft Gatling gun?

No special tools or gun disassembly are needed to clean your Anderson Guncraft replica Gatling gun. Any commercially available cleaning solvents can be used to clean your Gatling. However, if you are shooting black powder, we suggest finding an old fire extinguisher that can be filled with hot water and pressurized with compressed air. Remove the locks (bolts) and depress the muzzle. Using hot water in the extinguisher, from underneath, insert the nozzle into the chamber end of the barrel and press the trigger on the hose. Repeat for all ten barrels. Do this outside as a stream of hot black water will shoot out of the barrel! Dry each barrel and oil as is normal.
Do you restore original Gatling guns?

Yes. Over the years we have restored many original guns. Restorations have ranged from making a few missing parts to taking a few original parts and building a gun around them. See the About Us page for a list the models of original guns we’ve restored. Restoration work is invoiced on a time and material basis. Contact us to discuss your specific gun.

Can modern ammunition be used in an Anderson Guncraft replica Gatling gun?

Yes. The steels we use are of better quality than those used in the original guns and those parts which require hardening are sent to a professional heat treating company. While some of our customers shoot only ammunition loaded with black powder, our guns will handle ammunition loaded with smokeless powder as well. For our .45-70 caliber guns, we load our own test ammo using a moderate smokeless powder charge with a 405 grain soft point bullet. However, we fire one round in each barrel that has been loaded to the maximum SAAMI specification for the 405 grain bullet in the .45-70 as a “proof load”. The same testing procedure is performed for our .30-40 caliber guns.

Why have I not heard of you before?

​While Anderson Guncraft has been in full time operation for many years we have not had an internet presence very long. At the time of John Anderson's death in 2014, he communicated using a typewriter and snail-mail and a "land-line" telephone.  In addition, he didn't own a telephone answering machine! He maintained that he had no use for computer technology. Since his death, we have established a website, facebook page, and youtube channel and are working to increase our visibility.