Check out this video of an Anderson Guncraft replica Model 1874 Gatling, serial number 017, that is so authentic, it's being mistakenly reported as a restored original.  How do we know its one of ours? The "Cal. .45" engraved on the top of the breech casing was never on the original Model 1874 Gatling, its something that we added to our replicas. In the shot from underneath the gun there is a flat surface milled on the bottom of the breech casing where we stamp our manufacturer's information, which is required by federal law. This flat surface is not present on any original gun. If you're concerned that your "original" Gatling is actually one of our replicas, please contact us for verification.

This video shows how we make bronze castings in our green-sand foundry.

Videos and Media

One of our replica Model 1892 Gatlings can be seen on an episode of American Pickers.  It is Season 6 episode 1 "The Royal Risk", footage of the gun shot live is in the first five minutes of the episode. We made the gun but Bill, the owner, built the carriage. Copy and paste the URL below. Amazon charges for their episodes, but you can also view it for free through by entering your tv subscription/service info.


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